The Timeless Pen

By: Hasern Abdul (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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As I scrawl pieces of words on this sheet
I feel the atoms of the ink colliding
Racing towards the nib
For a chance to be free
To leave an eternal black mark on paper
For even the ink is aware
These words will make history
Details of ground breaking invention

It all started with a pen long ago
And centuries after its creation
The pen still moves
The pages still wet
And like brushes striking surfaces
The ink spreads
Creating paintings on canvases
A mere thermodynamic interaction
Between molecules of ink and paper
That gives birth to exceptional art

How won't they?
When the atoms held by Van der Waals
are in continuous collision
And the minds are filled with inspirations
The impossibles are made possible
Surely, they will collide ad infinitum
And crystallise till infinitude.
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