My Western Wind

By: Mrdb (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Though the seas and winds may be unpredictable,
And sometimes I may act a fool,
I know you steer our ship true.
My western wind, you guide us through.

Until the end of time, or beginning of days,
Where our minds begin to lead the ship different ways,
And the hull is tested, creaking with age
For the ocean and storm want to swallow it whole.

Those days are when the ship is strained,
Tested, just as the hearts from which it was made
And in my mind I know that you
And I will feel apart
And untrue.
Without eachother for what feels like weeks
As our silent ship becomes meek.
Neglected as our storms ravage,
While we both lose hope for salvage.

From this the creaks of the woods will flow
Like they once did years and years ago,
Swiftly and painfully, as storms raged
Whether yours or mine, it's all the same.

These storms we make do not remember
The times of old where we had to weather
The damage we caused to our beautiful ship
As our tongues lashed likes whips
Of strong waves and harsh air, as your lungs emptied and my heart did not care.

But remember, my western wind, this pain
And the hurt we caused eachother,
For calm hands will build our boat again
Much stronger than the other.
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