Pressure in a Closed System

By: Joanne Cook (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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It starts to murmur at the back of your mind,
'You’re not good enough, you’re falling behind',
Irritably shrug it off, you can do it,
'You don’t belong here, you’re a misfit',
The words start to blur and a single tear falls to the page,
Looking out the window you try to disengage,
The table behind are laughing about last night’s party,
How do they find time to party, when you hardly have time to study?
'You’re wasting time, you should be learning',
Turning your head back again you start working,

Somehow it doesn’t matter
How hard you try,
Inside a whisper lurking,
Questioning why
Everyone else seems to be managing just fine,
While you’re struggling along an upwards incline,
Workload exponentially increasing,
Motivation approximately zero
Or at least that’s where it’s tending,
Voice in your head screaming,
Keeps you from sleeping,
'No one likes you, no one-'
Your friends are here,
They sit down beside you,
The dark creases under their eyes confessing they struggled too,
You’re not on your own, not as alone as you perceived,
Don’t listen to the voice in your head it seeks to deceive.
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Joanne Cook:
The formatting changed when I uploaded it. Second line should read:
'You're not good enough, you're falling behind',
Great poem:D
Joanne Cook:
Formatting has been corrected now. :)
Thank you Vicky !