Sonnet 3.14

By: Georgia (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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After pondering thermodynamics with remorse
I take a 3.14 hour break. I eat a pie of steak and ale
Accompanied by plentiful amounts of gravy and brown sauce.
My heart and stomach are full yet my exams I’m sure to fail.

Some use Piethagoras or trig to obtain the perfect slice,
Whereas I have no qualms about eating the whole h∏r2.
A coating of grated cheddar and shallots would also be gneiss
But unfortunately my flats’ fridge is quite unprepared.

It may seem devouring pie is unhealthy procrastination,
However I recite plate tectonics when eating the crust.
Thus developing a chain reaction of pie craving revision propagation,
And so I believe my pastry addiction to be just.

To me the pie technique makes perfect tactical sense,
Yet my student loan won’t cover multiple spends of 3 pounds and 14 pence.
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