By: LeoK (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Here we are again, shouting at each other
Where have you been, and who was the other?
While the jealousy rages behind your sneer
I hold back my tears, you are no longer near
Now I’m confused, love belonged to us
Left with disgust; empty threats; rotten trust
Let’s repair our knot, I’ll give it all I’ve got
Leaving everything we know untaught

Your face lies, your eyes they move
I know it’s all false, your stuttering disproves
It denies my last hope with a glossy facade
Let me back in, mend my cracked heart
I’ll make my tongue silent for you
My reason to smile, my deja vu.
I know all about the pain, it suits me to wear it.
It has become my habit, I can bear it

Now I’m left alone with your fake smile
Your cold eyes, that once mirrored my profile
It stifles my breath - who are you kissing now?
I draw pictures in my mind, then wipe them out

I adored every word that came from your lips
Deceived for so long, my eyes eclipsed
But I wasn’t raised to be so frail
So, I weep dry tears, under my veil
I’m no longer crushed or falling apart
I smile more often, making a start
There’s a whole new world - blissful not blue
I found someone else, although never like you
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