My Rose-Tinted Morning

By: TLHeath (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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My Rose-Tinted Morning

Each morning I wake to the birdsong,
From a charm of lovely magpies,
Harmonising perfectly daylong,
Singing their best at sunrise.

Out of bed I soar after graceful rest,
My home warm, the shower likewise,
That diet’s working wonders; I’m blessed,
Trousers too big, I should down-size.

Cooked breakfast for me, eggs and bacon,
The best start, no compromise.
Before leaving my love awakens,
A kiss under sunshine and blue skies.

My Morning

I wake with a fright, those damn magpies,
Their cackle is straight out of hell.
Pecking the replica owl, no surprise,
While laughing and casting a spell.

Roll out of bed with an arduous mumble,
To the Arctic chill, shan’t dwell.
Shirts still damp from yesterday’s tumble,
Trousers tight, no more caramel.

Muesli for breakfast, good start to the day,
Milk’s out of date though, that smell…
Stealing a kiss causes soft grunts from bae,
Dismal rain falling, oh well.
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