A Functioning Dysaniac

By: Dhaya (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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I jerk awake from the sounds of my multiple alarm clocks,
Grudgingly slouching out of the door, wearing mismatched socks,
I wade through the puddles in the rainy city of Manchester,
Cursing myself for not dressing adequately -it’s never enough!- for the weather.

Sleeping err, I mean CONCENTRATING throughout the oh-so CAPTIVATING lecture,
Feeling like my brain cells are about to simultaneously rupture,
My attention span is so low, I’m pinching myself to not be bored,
Thank goodness for all those podcasts on Blackboard.

Studying various information about packed beds, Laplace Transform, and cooling towers,
Calculating mass and energy balances, entropies and pump powers,
They force my poor mind into a state of chaotic jumble,
I can't take this anymore I need a cuddle.

Just kidding, I need an internship. *wink*
Oh, and some quality sleep. *sigh*
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