By: Mayank Jain (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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The sky was pitch dark,
Cold air loitered around,
A dog curled up into an arc,
Complaining in a whimpering sound

A bright moon featured,
Like an oasis in the desert,
My thoughts lingered,
Awaiting for good times to revert

I should have been a doctor,
Curing the world of disease,
I should have been a traveller,
Going wherever I please

I should have been a musician,
Performing in a rock concert,
Said my thoughts with lacking ambition,
To the night bidding adieu upon playing its part

The sky blushed in orange,
As the sun kissed its bosom,
A dog consumed the warmth within its range,
And yawned in boredom

Birds spread across the infinity,
Like they’d just been released from a cage
My thoughts assumed serenity,
That perhaps better suited a sage

I design the medical equipment,
That the doctors choose,
I contribute to the transport segment,
And to infrastructure that travellers use

I ferry the musician’s melody
To the yearning ear,
I make things possible,
Because I am an engineer
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Mayank Jain:
Notes: The poem essentially reflects an engineer’s state of mind. He appears to seem dejected and feels that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. The first stanza describes the setup and
introduces a few elements, a cold, dark night, a dog complaining of the cold.

The second stanza describes the setup further and personifies his thoughts.

The third stanza reveals the thought’s wanderings.

The fourth stanza concludes with the night making way for a new day. The fifth and sixth stanza describe a new setup using the same elements used in the first and second stanza.

With the transition of the night into day, the thoughts have now transitioned from being gloomy to being sage-like serene.

The thoughts answer its own questions and convinces itself that he is indeed in a suitable profession.