Acceleration Excitation

By: hrobs (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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Pent up excitement builds.
The thought of what is to come,
Keeps them in suspense.
All of a sudden they are released,
Speeding faster and faster,
Until they reach their potential,
And are fired into the circle of eternity.
They begin to wiggle and undulate,
Magnetism flowing around them.
But what is this?
What can they see?
Several exits,
Each as inviting as the next.
Soon they begin to wonder,
Which should they take?
And as they follow the tangent to their destiny,
Approaching the speed of light,
The powerful field of magnetism becomes too much.
Light, brighter than the sun surrounds them,
As they're drawn together.
And the patient scientist finally receives her reward...

...a perfect synchrotron data set.
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