The Diary of Thomas Bayes

By: Endri Irfanie (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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Of sermons, Bible, and chapel bells
Your ministry life at the Turnbridge Wells
Though in science you also did best
Ipsa Scientia potestas est

Did you ever imagine, Reverend?
Divine works came out of your hand
When you scribbled the theory of probability
Somehow it reached the 21st Century!

What P(A|B) could be?
It is P(B|A)P(A) divided by P(B)
Such is the law of Bayes Theorem
Simple yet powerful, like an anthem

Some may find the idea a bit odd
But it proved the existence of God
As your friend Mr. Price believed
When your posthumous work was published

Then it was Laplace who understand you
Modern mathematics your discovery he had turned into
Yet he let the Theorem to bear your name
And the world witness as it rose to fame

The Theorem went to war and sinked German U-boats
As it inspired Turing to crack Enigma codes
It went political predicting Nixon vs Kennedy
Even aeronautical when it helped NASA in 1983

Naïve Bayes its love child with Computer Science
Along with the SVM, they are giants
Many things the algorithm can infer
From spam email to breast cancer

Now I'd like to say in humanity's behest
Thank you, Reverend Thomas Bayes
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