Sand and Flower

By: Xianyang Gao-EEE (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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The sand scatters in the desert, normal, silent, and unnoticed.
A flower thrives in the fertile ground, outstanding, loud, and beautiful.

When a fresh breeze blows, the flower sways like dancing and any snipping shot of it can be a desktop background, while the sand remains still.

When a fierce wind blows, the sand gets a chance to dance, to be mad, and to control the whole vision, while the flower was bended.

Trees and houses may protect the flower, while nothing can protect the sand in a desert, except itself.

The sand may resist long, while the flower has a glimmer of extreme beauty.

Is it possible to get mixed merits?
Well, 'sand flower' is not as beautiful as a true flower and 'flower sand' is not as rigid as the true sand.
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