Rise and Wonder

By: olusola (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Everything in life has got a price
Whether it is beans or even rice
Whether it is chips or even fries

That is why we try to rise
Ignoring all the pains and cries
Afterall with time it dries
So that when we make our tries
We could win win win things thrice

Too many people with words of lies
I do not wish that anyone dies
I just want them to use their eyes
To see the beauty of how time flies

Bring out the bottle of champagne from ice
Forget the evils and sleazy vice
Shout out to the girls and all my guys
Thanks to all for being so nice.

Now to the Lord I must surrender
Though my days were made of blunder
Though my ways were stocks of slander
Neither did he repel with thunder
Nor did he put me assunder

He is too great to be my father
And too kind to be my mother
Every night it is on him I ponder
I Dedicate to God my life of wonder
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