The Mind of a Membrane

By: dyana (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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Loss of words and of unable to cope

just standing in isolation, I long for cross-flowing

paralysed with these islands of polarity

attracted only to the dead-end, stuck here on the surface

it hurts. Dear Pore, let me through

I do know that pain means living

and to be alive is lucky

but sanity keeps pulling me to the permeate side

I am trapped and transported away with this hopelessness,

yet why can’t I be open and honest about it?

to contain and still be strong as the retentate

shedding no tears

although I am much less than the composition I used to be.

Losing part of me

is no sign of a weakness,

it means somewhere, somehow

a heart, quite big enough, is guiding me.

Pressure may drift me further away

obsessed with the pain of what seem temporary

even what’s left of hope turning me wobbly.

Hold on! There is a door small enough for me to squeeze through

a carbon-carbon gap welcoming still,

I hope I will make it through.

Hopelessness but able to hope?

Give pause dear, to your self-contradiction.

Have a pause.
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