The Mathematical Story of love

By: Pablo Quilachamin (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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In a world filled with variables and uncertainties,
the relationship between the length and the diameter
of a circle, π (Pi), was moving in the vicinity of a wormhole,
traveling from the Whirlpool, through Andromeda,
until reaching the Milky Way.

A very tangential day,
π came across a set of starts,
in which, one of them caught his infinite attention.
She seemed the perfect figure, with her spiral eyes,
trapezoidal mouth, rectangular body and spheroidal legs.
π wanted to meet and make with her a parallel life,
until they met in the mystery of infinity.

Approaching her at the cube root of the speed of light,
π asked her with radical anxiety:
-Who are you?-
-I am the mathematical constant 2.7182818284…
but you can just call me e.

After having discovered that they were
(which in arithmetic corresponds to twin souls)
irrational to each other,
they began to bond as fast as the photons
moves in the micro space.

In an instance, they felt attracted
as the gravitational field of a black hole does,
even its infinite decimals could not escape of it.
They scandalized Euclidean and Newtonian
formulas of the infinite Universe.

The capacitors and inductors that thought differently
supported their electrically perfect equation of love.
Together π and e, started an integral and differential happiness.
Their equilibrium was as perfect as
the balance of the pH with a base is,
and as much as the inherent strength of a graphene does.

However on a breakdown of space-time,
appeared the greatest common divisor offering her,
an absolute greatness and reduced her,
to a common denominator.
Instantaneously between π and e,
an open circuit showed up,
and their love could not flow anymore,
even the short circuit wanted to help,
but there was no connection that they could make.

They were not proportionally equivalent anymore,
instead they became like something in Gabriel's Horn,
she could try to approach him as much as she wants,
but she will not be with π in her real life,
as the asymptotes does, they would come close enough,
but they will never cross anymore.

Desperate on the edge of a black hole,
π wanted to divide by zero, and disappear,
but Dirac equation showed up, and said:
- "(∂ + m) ψ = 0", I am quantum connection,
and you must understand,
that two particles that were at one time together,
are still somehow related,
no matter the distance between them,
although they are at different galaxies and dimensions,
the connexion between them will be there. "

And so, π understood that
he was in an electrical loop with zero love,
and as well as gravitational waves does,
everything vanished into the space and time,
to the point that on the Earth,
no one could not have a trace of
that mathematical story of love.
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