The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

By: Bethany Foundation (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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Headed for Space, are we gonna’ be late?
Bad weather, haphazard, setbacks; will it be safe?
The cross winds are fierce; mother nature rogue and nomad-
her icy breath slithered on the launch pad.
Will the O-Ring seal? The engineers are concerned.
Yet managers bypass the risks. The meeting is adjourned.

T=0. Solid rocket boosters ignite.
The lioness of aviation launching into flight.
Tense fists relax as the challenger pierces through the sky-
a successful launch in the Nation’s watchful eye.
Seven astronauts heading to the space station.
“Rodger throttle up” their last known communication.

Then a supernova of smoke caused joyful faces to drain dark
as the rocket spiralled off course into a ballistic arc.
T=95. Their heart’s frozen in purgatory.
Now the cloud of debris is plummeting towards the sea.
Did this Achilles heel cause the whole mission to collapse?
Could it have been avoided? Was it the O-Ring? Was it simply a mishap?
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