DNA: A Spiraling Story

By: Vicki Cronin (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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A vital guidebook,
which must constantly adapt?
A most perplexing,
clue-riddled artefact?

This biomolecule offers glimpses,
into our evolutionary history,
Yet the birth of DNA,
remains a well-debated mystery.

Alternating phosphates and sugars,
run up its bony spine,
as two anti-parallel strands,
enchantingly entwine.

At the heart of the helix,
nucleotides grasp their harmonious base,
only to be torn apart,
in the replication race.

Unearthed by Watson and Crick,
as they debated in a pub,
pondering diffraction patterns,
over some decent Cambridge grub.

With a little help from Franklin,
they propose a double-helix composition,
securing a place in history,
their hard work finally sees fruition.

Researchers since,
made valiant attempts to crack the code,
with much we have learnt,
derived from the heartless nematode.

Now that we can say,
we're in the post-genomic era,
our understanding of DNA,
and genetics is much clearer.

The question then to pose,
is has it revolutionised the world?
Surely much of DNA's story,
is yet to be unfurled...
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