By: Mutari Lawal (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2016
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Setting out to the beach feels good
Thought I knew much but only little
My bargain wasn’t that good
How much worse could this get only God knows
Failing again to keep count of the days

Whoa! How nicely the rocks are layered
Into spectacular trough-cross beds
Heavily fossilised to the west
It’s ammonitic, dates back a hundred and ten million years
The main fault runs from east to west
By morrow have some samples sent to lab for test

There and then comes the paleomania
Hypnotized by this melodrama ashore
The invisible hands of sleep beckons
Drifting in I felt I heard my own quirky snore
Into this old world I fall
Oblivious to the sea breeze that fans

And it all began to unfold
My love for the lithic brought me this far
Conflicted myself inside if I was alone on this line
I remembered the microbiologist with eyes glued to the microscope
Here I am a sane man at the beach counting waves
And noting down frequencies and modes

I could just watch the waves bundle back and forth
But here I am measuring dips and strikes of faults
Fun-seeking people around plying up and down
And some seated watch gravity cause waves rise and fall
Bikinis never far off, abs flouting close by
To me the beach arenites were the best
For they show good pores, the ones we like to explore

Whoa! My hands reaching for glowing fragment of seashell
Then I felt I heard someone calls
Something soft and wet touches and pats my lips
I opened my mouth waiting to tongue out
But it was waves that splashed water across as they advance even more
Just then my eyes snapped open to realise an hour has gone

Paleomania takes pride on its role
It’s more about how much oil subsea holds
But it’s clear so much could be lost looking in the past
Realising tomorrow’s Saturday and no samples can be sent to the lab
Paleomania really could be a confused mind
Or a geologist engrossed in the past and losing track of time
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nice poem
Salim Ayomaya:
Awatif HABID:
good work :-)
interesting piece. good job
Mutari Lawal:
Many thanks to you all. I appreciate it.