The Bridge

By: NasirJones (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Every bridge you see began as a thought,
And across each bridge so much we have brought,
We brought bright lights when the sun hides from sight,
We brought you appetites for megabytes,
Brought you heat to fight off the winter threat,
Brought the printing press then the internet,
We transmitted your voice around the globe,
We let your eye see the smallest microbe,
Then we showed it the furthest realms of space,
A window of light where this all takes place,
Gave weakened water crystal clarity,
We turned fiction into reality,
We fly the skies, everything is in reach,
The train brakes screech what a wonderful speech,
But our brakes are not on, forward we speed,
Faster and harder with mouths full of greed,
The tracks they are shaking so violently,
The passengers look on so silently,
The bridge we approach can’t handle our weight,
Earth is in torment, what will be its fate,
Every bridge began as ink from a pen,
We built, then destroyed, we will build again.
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