Our Tower

By: Dan Andrei Iliescu (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Our fathers rose onto their feet
and waded through the icy river
to reach for pebbles from its bed
that they tied to sticks
and made picks
to climb the mountain faraway
navigate its granite wrinkles
thrust their picks into the ground
and break off rocks to carry down
into the valley where they lived

With their mind they beheld the rocks
and saw the blocks inside the stone
and extracted them with tools
chipped their shape and size and measure
Released faces smooth and flat
Released edges straight and sharp
Out of shapeless mass of no intention
they made cubes of structural perfection

They laid a block onto the ground
of the grassland where they lived
And another one on top
And another over this
They fit their blocks in puzzles and locks
like the play of a small child
and rose their glistening stone tower
over the prehistoric marshland

But they have gone into the earth
Flowers grow out of their bones
The wind will blunt our tower's edges
the water will reduce it
it will crumble to the ground
and turn to sand
in the same river from whence it came
and nothing of it will remain

So why not please time's deathly will
why not pull it all apart
and live back down
on the ground
like children
forever in our garden?
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