The search for the truth

By: Pablo Lopez (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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The World that surrounds us
I can’t understand
In all its complexity
We are free and restrained.

If you don’t believe me
I don’t really care
(Or are you from a journal
With an IF +10?)

No function, no pattern,
no law can explain,
the exact science of nature
that rules all this game.

But that will not stop us
curious creatures we are
and in the hunt for the truth
we are willing to expire.

I am for sure not an Einstein,
neither Turing nor Planck,
just a lonely scientist
with a pen and a pad!

A singularity of physics,
integrated with maths,
just a standard error
of statistics I am.

I won’t solve the big question
but I tell you my friend,
that at least a small piece
of this jigsaw I will place.
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