Once, I was young.

By: S.y (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Once I was young
I had no shoes
So I sang a song
To accompany my blues.

Once I was ill
I had no pill
So I had a will
A dream to fulfil.

Pharmacy wasn't my cup of tea
A career in engineering was all I see
MHMT, CRE and Thermodynamics
Let's not forget the economics!

Recycle ratio 50R?
Propose a design, yes you may
But think again
Is it worth the pay?

The world is growing
The oils are clearing
The soots are travelling
The sea is crying.

Once I graduate I may find myself stepping
Into the field that keeps the globe going.

I may be offshore, in the office
or the labs, unsure
But definitely not
in the bank for sure!
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