A Programmer's Tale

By: Richard-Johnson (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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(Oh mighty compiler,
I hope I don't fail you again
I have chosen good names for my vars
and have tried all but a prayer!)

In code we trust to work correctly
and dampen the load on our lives,
from the simple Ms. Pac-Man
to GUIs which are hardware's disguise.

Although we've come far and beyond
what we'd ever hoped to achieve,
this doesn't mean we will not
try reinventing the wheel.

The true story of art, engineering and science
has only but just begun,
and legend tells us that they
used to not get along.

Implied was that nature and tech
were not part of a whole.
Assumed was that bonded together
they could not coexist in a world.

And though they might seem exclusive
truly they are all alike -
for the creative aspects of science
have pushed innovations
impossibly far.

Creator - creation, influencing each other,
the circle continues, with no end in sight.
The treasures of science that we hold inside
are infinitely vast and reflect one another.

But behind the desk there lies someone,
(and his name seems to be untold)
selflessly designing the future,
to bring a tomorrow where today couldn't hold.

And passion fuels his burning soul
it guides him to the greater good,
as every class has got it's methods,
the Computer Geek has tech at heart.
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