We are not just separate leaves.

By: Hassaneen Al-Saidy (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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When we breathe, inhaled that, which everything has exhaled before.
And underneath, trampled has, everything walked on this floor.

In the sky we see, that which can, glow and define the shore.
But on a different degree, a ball of fire, the solar systems' core.

We're on a ball of mud floating in space, providing the resources in store.
We have bodies with the same composition of stars light years away, certainly we're not poor.

When we leave, slowly it withers away, returning back to it's source when it's a corpse.
And now we're in the forgotten land again, before we are born.

This makes me believe, that we are the universe experiencing itself, nothing more.
With love we are made, so spreading it unconditionally is what we're here for.

Yet because of the veils of separation, sharing has become a forced chore.
The same illusion that stirs what is in the absence of love and creates war.

Please, we have what it takes so let's smile, that sudden rush of serenity is the cure.
So let us not be just the separate leaves of the tree, let us understand our seed. It's about time we continue explore.
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