The Engineer

By: Khor Eugene (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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What do your eyes see,
When you are done setting us free?
What does your mind tell,
When you cast your final spell?
What does your heart desire,
When you saved us from situations so dire?

O great warrior,
how we stare in awe of your mastery,
as you gaze listlessly at our flattery.
O great savior,
how we only wish to fathom
the emotions you traded for wisdom.

Are you really a saint,
to guide us through our toils,
taking neither gratitude nor spoils?
Are you just a machine,
having knowledge never limited,
with programming ever so tethered?
Are you just human,
having intentions so noble,
hiding cascades of emotion in situations so brutal?

I think I know,
why you know what you know.
I think I know,
why you hide what you hide.
I think I know,
why you do what you do.

Yes, I think I do know,
who you really are,
for I am you now,
and it takes one to know one.

You are also human,
fine tuned to superhuman.
Having mind ever so sound,
with energies never as bound.
In this world guided by emotion,
where ego and jealousy checks motion,
you hide behind a mask of stoicism,
becoming a nameless hero of martyrdom.
To protect what is good,
you offer your own blood.
You are the closest we get to perfection,
the machine of the kindest intention.
You are an Engineer.
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