Through the eyes of a rational thinker

By: Bethan Williams (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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I'm writing down words,
Because you ased how I feel,
But just to say words,
Well that wouldn'y feel real.

A few words on paper,
Or even out loud,
They're not a feeling,
They'd not make me proud.

I know it's just chemicals,
Pumping through my blood,
But when you touch my lips,
My mind turns to mud.

I can try to be rational,
But what's that really worth?
Even logic seems unlogical,
With you on my earth.

I try and calculate the outcome,
Weigh up cons and pros,
But when you make me smile,
All my common sense goes.

When you give me that look,
Like I'm the only one there,
My knees go weak,
It doesn't feel fair!

Your conversation's intellectual,
Next to you I feel dumb,
But you make me feel interesting,
Even when my mind's numb.

I'm a rational person,
Very sensible too,
But I feel I can do anything,
So long as I'm with you.
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