Different paths

By: Vectorek (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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We walk but different paths,
It is the quest for insight.

We have all been seeking:
For Maturity, purity,
Elixir of immortality.
But they were called Alchemists,
While we are called Chemists.

We all have our destiny determined:
Theirs are written on the handbook of the god himself,
Ours are written on the chromosomes within our cells.

To exist is to be perceived:
So the moon is not in the sky,
Since no one is looking.
And the cat could be both dead and alive,
As no one will be wondering.

Walk by the spirit, forces of nature,
Desires of the flesh, particles of matter.
I suppose we all thought the same,
One way or another.

We walk different paths,
It is the quest for insight.
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