Climate Change

By: Bilal Shahid (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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Sea level is rising, but only if you know
Ice sheets are melting
Ah! There will be no more snow

Mean global temperature is indeed shooting quite high
When temperatures rise above 2 degrees,
Will there be no mercy from the sky?

Iceland or Africa, California or Costa Rica,
We are all in the same boat now
We need to do something, but could you tell me how?

Solar, wind, wave and nuclear is our only hope
They say we must think quickly
And bury the sack of ‘black diamond’, tied with a mighty rope

Stop all the rigs rigging in the desert sand
Don’t fight over oil
Lest the world you may spoil

Make it all electric
They say it’s so pathetic
Alas, what have we done so far?

But we must correct it now
Copenhagen and Kyoto have become stories of the past
Will COP 21 at Paris do something at last?

We need to save the planet
But only if we care
We need to address this issue, but only if we dare
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very good,,,,
Nicely written...very crucial subject discussed in a fluent and informative style ....Good luck!
Ali Sarfraz:
Very thoughtful and intriguing...+1 from my side
Good enjoyed reading.
very nice poem!
Great poem!
Great great poem!