And That’s The End of That

By: Dan Childs
Competition Year: 2013
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I was walking through the park,
When it was getting very dark,
And then I saw my friend named Mark,
But he’d be bitten by… a…
…Shark, It was so very big,
But poor Mark could not swim that quick,
And now he’s got a walking stick,
And that’s the end of that!

I was sitting on the train,
Watching a hobo snort cocaine,
When I bumped into my mate Wayne,
But he’s trapped by his ball… and…
…Chain, She is so very mean,
She still won’t even touch his peen,
Together since they were thirteen,
And that’s the end of that!

I remember long ago,
I used to have a huge afro,
I head butted my best mate Joe,
And he fell over in… the…
…Snow, It was so very cold,
The fun was worth its weight in gold,
Now it’s a shame we’re getting old,
And that’s the end of that!

As this song comes to an end,
I’m not going to try pretend,
That I have got any more friends,
I cannot seem to comp…re…
…hend, All of this beer I drank,
It always makes my mind go blank,
And all I want to do is skank,
And that’s the end of that!
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