Knowledge is Power

By: Lars (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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Knowledge is power,
Understanding it all,
Where did we come from,
Why do things fall?

Slaves to curiosity,
The killer of cats,
A need to know more,
Amass all the facts.

A noble pursuit,
Potential for prize,
A boon for humanity,
In most people’s eyes.

Where will it take us,
What will we gain,
Advanced society,
Removal of pain.

Increased production,
Better standard of living,
All hail science,
It never stops giving.

Cut down the forests,
Burn all the fuel,
These things are needed,
We are not cruel.

Knowledge is power,
We know it all,
Where did they come from,
Their countries must fall.

How did we get here,
It started so true,
Goals on a knife edge,
What will we do?

Addicted to knowing,
A dangerous lust,
Potential for wonder,
Turn cities to dust.
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