The Dull Pencil Lead

By: Shahavez (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2014
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There on her finger!
She’s waving it gracefully above her head.
The Dazzling Dwarf Diamond, still bigger-
cost than my dull pencil lead.

Why am I not worth as much?
Is it the stain from my touch?
Are we that different? Only allotropes,
Graphite…Diamond. Subtle difference I hope.
I create knowledge, communication.
No mere materialistic obsession!
No blood-drenched rivers of Sierra-Leone,
I humbly historify sins we must atone.
It does fill me up with rage,
while scribbling scars on this empty page,
that our main priorities,
lie with such lavish frivolities.

Though I am a Dull pencil lead,
Screw the diamond. Shouldn’t you sharpen me instead?
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