A different kind of brave

By: Alice (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2014
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Oh how old you have become
In these ten years of eternity
Since that day you took my hand
In the loosest grip that would hold me forever

You, the parent of the child
I, the child of the parent
Connected by the silent thunder
Of the storm after the calm

His black thoughts had smashed him dead
In a cowardly, courageous act
You stared into nothingness
Your baby succeeded where your husband failed

Now strangers judged us on what he had done
They made you empty, eyes hollow with shame
For your young men were a different kind of brave
And your generation never speaks of the self-destructive elephant in the room

Science pushes the boundaries between life and death
Redefines the limits of human accomplishment
But it cannot defy the autonomy of who we are
It can never protect us from ourselves
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