If we could only

By: The other winner (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2014
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It would be pleasing, if we could only
Learn a bit more hydrogeology
So let us show some appreciation
When we make our observations
For water with a superpower ability
To reduce a rock to dissolution and fissility

It acts as a catalyst for recrystallization
The chief transport agent in sedimentation
Bearing in mind, it is essential for vitality
Always affected as expected by gravity
You can never know the wonders water may hold
An oyster with a pearl, a stream deposit of gold
We can control the direction of contaminants
Or discover palaeogeographical evidence

Water forms the landscape, a dominating force
Cutting through the hillside on a predetermined course
The glaciated valleys, eroded long ago
Humongous mountain ranges, blanketed in snow
Epic waterfalls of unimaginable proportions
Attracting wide eyed tourists, from each and every nation

As hydrologists protect it, we’re easily excited
But such a precious item, is easily exploited

Next time you swim, or wash, or drink
Or complain because of rain
Just imagine, have a think
If you couldn’t swim, wash or drink
Or eat your food when crops couldn’t grow
Because water was a thing unknown
And remember how we are so lucky
To have this precious, natural beauty.
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Thats super wicked gneiss. Looking good for second