Why do geologists like rocks?

By: The winner (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2014
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They are hard, solid and sometimes salty,
Depending on what you see, sometimes they are faulty.
They show no failure if soft,
Brittle and they fault a lot.

A dyke may intrude,
where you will not see crude.
All sedimentary structures seen before,
Must be gone by law.

When sediments are put to bed,
You won’t see arsenic or even lead.
If lucky metamorphism occurs and you will see Cummingtonite,
You will be sure to infer it will have orthorhombic anthophyllite.

I’m sure you will have a gneiss day,
Especially if you spend it with Ray.
Don’t let a geologist drive your car,
Because they always get hammered and stoned at the bar.

Sorry for wasting your time, but geologists love to rhyme.
Geologists have to look at a lot of schist, especially when writing their diss.
My final line and I must say, I hoped you enjoyed this and have a super wicked gneiss day.
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The other winner:
Love this! This is definitely going to win... second prize