Ode to the Scientist

By: Kody (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2014
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We continue to sip from the sap of our minds
Forgetting that the heart is brimming with finds

Drilling to depths, soaring to heights
Our minds illuminate the connecting lights

A bridge is built, as another falls
Fate still responds to Mother nature’s calls

Our distant descendants look on in derision
At a surgeon about to make the wrong incision

A processing mind is the powerhouse, it's memories - the storage
The withering winds of time wears them down like old knowledge

Yet the energy remains glowing within to unify the lot
Can it help us in connecting the luminous dots?

The enduring spirit still beckons, housed safely in its enclosure
Gently but fervently pining it waits for its exposure

The heart still harbours some secrets, from science, within
O when will we wander so joyfully in…
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