By: A.Shahid (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2014
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I never looked passed windows when entering this stream
whether the worlds canvas or a pixelated screen
I didn't know this domain
The early years were spent in an in-place self searching algorithm
with emotional transistors in intrinsic core
switching and clocking highs and lows

during my time here I've gone through them all
I visited each state and even took a byte of apple
But currently I sit in the tri-state
awaiting the end of final year

I have compiled some thought
so that you can understand my machine code
local to me but alien to most

a cold mechanical grind in my arm and drive
and the pages I transcribe
from memory
I elaborate the dense data set
unfolding the loops in front of you
trying to un-confuse my confusion matrix

I'm just another member of the queues and the lines
with a stack of dreams in my memory
partially altered and partially the same
I'm about the enter the world once again
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