Wings of Tesla

By: NasirJones (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2014
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Nikola Tesla, forgotten scientist.
Dying wish, was to fly and live,
with the dove he loved, in the skies in bliss.
Humans lie and people cheat,
but lies had never left that beak.
As the current alternates they speak.
Dream a lot, but barely sleep.
Some say that he lost his mind,
but he was a man lost in time.
Victim of pureness in his heart.
Thomas Edison shot a poison dart.
The rest of the world threw flying boulders,
Marconi stood on the giants shoulders.
Radio, remote control, x rays,
modern electric motor, unsung praise,
wireless communication, lighting balls,
Hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls.
Tesla put Watsonn-Watt on the radar,
but was left poor and alone in a graveyard.
No one heard his dying words,
but all he saw was flying birds.
You hear his name when songbirds sing,
it echoes loud in the flaps of wings.
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this poem is aaawweessomme!!!
Dayummmm son, this poem is deep.