“From the island of beauty and love”

By: Georgios Panayiotou
Competition Year: 2013
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Our dreams created with such sweat,
Our old friends – new enemies,
to destroy them, it’s what you request.
You can take everything from us
but not the sun, burning in our hearts.

New dreams we can form,
even though we are “small”.

From the pain we build
because we’re stronger than you think,
Our old friends - new enemies,
Just read our history, go back in centuries.

Drinking from the same glass of “nuisance”,
throughout our lives with no justice or relief.
Because everyone pursuits wealth,
chasing “a golden-green strategically-positioned leaf”.

From the island of beauty and love,
Very warm regards and a message to all.
We challenge you, show us what you have.
And if you think you can, take our Soul!

Georgios Panayiotou
31st March 2013
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