Atomic Life ..

By: ThEBiGFooT (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2018
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"Atomic Life"

Before coming to UK
My life was ok :D
New climate new change ..
full of humidity and rain
Cold, snow and wind too
I feel I had a corrosion bro !
Started looking around and see
Trying to get some energy ..
I am unstable, I am alone ..
Do anyone needs my extra electron ?
Looking for a stable ionic bond ?
or would someone like to share,
some electrons for a covalent fair ?
Listen carefully to that tip
A strong bond is the first step
To have a stable atomicship !( i.e. relationship )
Take my life take my soul
And put me now in a big molecule !
Not a complicated chain or so
Only simple like H2O
For real happiness and pride
Just like A sodium-chloride !
Sorry to be a negatively charged
to be positive is definitely hard !
At the END .. I want to say
Help me to throw an electron away
Heat me up or put a ray
Will be enough and fair play
To be positive for a long stay ..

‏ ***THE END***
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Mahmoud Marzouk:
Well done
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