Dear Earth

By: Asif Khan (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2018
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It began long ago
From floating dust and debris
Our home was born
It struggled, gasped, and fought alone

First drowning in bubbling molten rock
then trapped in prisons of stone
Eventually frozen in Icy cages
This carried on, with no end in sight, for ages

Tired, it flung its arms of storm in anger and kicked its legs of earthquakes in frustration, shouted in its voice of thunder, threathened with its vast Oceans

It had borne much pain until,
It had taken over with sheer will,
Fully controlling the molten flow
Wherever it wanted it to go

Magma came up like fountains
Shaping valleys and mountains
Rivers, Seas, Oceans,
Turning into vapour and clouds

It brought rain in abundance
Bestowing the land with its greenery,
And water for everything that grew,
that ever walked or flew

So today, we can sit at our warm hearth
Laugh, read, sing, write
And, occasionally, cry,
For our Dear Earth
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