Aerospace Engineering

By: Aaron Sharma (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2018
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Aerospace Engineering,
It's a struggle worth bearing,
To a life that I am gearing,
While i'm here trying to get a degree,
There's no limit to how drag free we can be,
Natural Laminar Flow is the key to reducing our Cd.

Falcon X already up there,
The question is how did it get there?
Why not ask an Aerospace Engineer?
We will answer it with grace,
So strap in and brace,
Turbulence is on the way,
Tray tables stowed away,
Sky looking grey,
Prepare for a landing the captain says,
Flaps slowing us down,
Landing gear to help us touch down on the ground,
All safe and sound,
But we need an answer to the question,
How did this all begin?

From a pair of brothers in 1903,
Who had a vision that only they could see,
Soaring through the skies all happy and free,
Although it was only for a few seconds,
it was the Wright decision they made!
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