Paradise Saved?

By: lewisr03 (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2018
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What merciless God
Destroys our planet, our home,
Takes such life away.

Forces beyond control
Must play their cruel, vital role.
We are not to blame.

We do not cut trees,
Pollute seas, poison air we breathe,
Take more than we need

We do not murder,
Kill as we please, the animals,
From birds to the bees.

Our once pristine land,
Snatched from our grasp, lost forever.
Why? We do not care.

Is paradise lost?
All that remains is fading,
Embers in the dark.

But hope is not lost,
For the dedicated few,
Embers can be relit.

One voice can light fires,
Burning bright, they start the cry
We all need to care.
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