Carbon Footprint

By: Natalie M (School of Alliance Manchester Business School)
Competition Year: 2018
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Van Gogh sketched out his sunflowers,
Matisse plotted his dancers in place,
Monet prepared his waterlilies,
Picasso created a Cubist face.

Rutherford wrote down atomic structures,
Einstein scrawled relatively fast,
It was vital to these men of science,
And for most inventors of the past.

Shakespeare jotted down romantic sonnets,
Wordsworth scribbled poems too,
This clever tool was Steinbeck's preference,
A typewriter just wouldn't do.

All the art and best inventions,
The ideas that could've been or still might,
Are thanks to science, creativity, passion...
But most importantly: graphite.

By Natalie M
Alliance Manchester Business School
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