Just another poem 2

By: maalek (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2018
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Come one, come all, come proud and tall,
To shape your path and seek your call,
Kid not yourself through heedless hopes,
Let not your fate dictate your fall,

For once in time you did exist,
And your call in life will not persist
So strive therein whilst the clock yet ticks,
Your will is true if you insist,

Come the dreaded fate inscribed thereupon,
The imminent dread concealed, not gone,
Which lurks out of sight and pounces whence
The horrors are gathered to nought but one

In times like these beware your neglect,
For your joy is attainment of what you expect,
If sorrows and gloom deprive you your bloom,
Then retread your quest and your compass, correct,

So here I write and seek my guidance,
Declaring my words in utmost silence,
Departing the past and embracing the future,
Clasping my fate with the utmost defiance

A poem is hereby submitted to you,
From which wisdom springs forth, calling anew,
In hope that some may think and reflect,
For science is a tool and you the architect…
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