By: Jack Contro (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2018
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The eye gently approaching the cold round glass
Little did it know it would reveal the wonders of the stars
To marvel had been sprung our lonely hearts
And beauty too great for us to pass

For days our feverish desire to know
Kept us awake during cold winter nights
For ever searching the eery sky brights
Our hearts by knowledge gripped tight

Days turned to months, and centuries would go
We now see the morning clear amidst the traffic flow
And when we look up from the corner of our phones
Damn why do we still feel alone?


"Siri how long until my day is done?"
"I'm afraid not until your strength is gone"
"Siri how long until the sun is down?"
"The sun has set long ago"


It was night when I first saw
The tongue and cheeks of my computer source
The trapping voice of the modern world
Yet how brilliantly human sounded it's call

Through the bright city lights
Still a few stars remain in sight
Suddenly I saw, not distant gas balls
But the toils of human souls

I guess we were questioning our souls all along
The big and small, to see where we all go
Misplaced pieces of puzzles
In the biggest game of them all

As we cramp the cities to fulfill our duties
Have we learned from the vastness of the sea?
Or are we still blind to the beauty
that our telescopes cannot see?
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