What More Is There (Twelve Mysteries)

By: Tom M (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2018
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If we're to sit and wonder why
Some stars move simply in the sky,
Like pinholes in a turning dome,
But others only sometimes show,
And change the brightness of their glow;

Or how it even came to be
That one and two combine to three;
And why, as odd as it may seem,
No numbers times to make thirteen
(And are there many more like these?)

Or if an arrow through the air
Must travel first to half-way there,
And half of that, and halving more:
How can it even fly at all?
Why is it things can move and fall?

How in the town of Konigsberg,
By the river, could be heard:
"Say, wouldn't it be nice
To never cross the same bridge twice?
Is there a route which would suffice?"

If we're to sit and wonder more
The meaning of the number four;
Find the volume of a crown;
The shortest tour through every town;
A fraction form of writing surds;
Trisect an angle into thirds;

On forever I could go;
Never would the questions slow.
What answers are there still to show?
What more is there for us to know?
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