A, B and Star

By: AZ Kamikita (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2018
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Person A:
It's here where we spent our times together
It's the same star we gazed at
Talking about our dreams
Drawing our future and the sky as the canvas

As like the sky after the rain
That's how my heart now
All the memories faded like the clouds move following the wind, follows with the time

And now we're in the future that we've talked before
And now i'm gazing the star alone
Wondering if it feels what i feel

Am i living in different world to others?

Person B:
I snapped a picture of the same star,
but couldn't feel the same
How i've felt when i was with you
I'm trapped inside this square thing named Instagram

My graph of time is proportional to the graph of missing you
The memories keep on diminishing
Like how the star is dying
Being pulled into the Black Hole

We're connected but we aren't at the same time
My notification box is busy with likes and comments,
But my heart is filled with emptyness and loneliness

Am I living in different world to others?

Who's living in different world?
When both are looking at the same me
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