Wake Up Call

By: Muskan Singh (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2018
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So many thoughts.
Thoughts that slow you down.
Thoughts that waste your time.

And we’re too absorbed in these thoughts to see the conundrum we’re in.
But if we don’t see it soon, we, humanity, are going to have a problem.

The future of mankind you ask?
Unless we erase these thoughts, there is no future. Not for us.
A perfect human can be described as one who knows its goal; who serves its purpose in the time it has life.
But then again, perfection, that’s not a real thing.
And life?
Isn’t that just a word to make us feel more important than we are?

We need to remind ourselves what our goal is.
It is not to pit ourselves against each other, against humans.
Our goal is simple, keep reaching further into the unknown. Keep digging deeper and deeper.
We are all scared of the unknown.
As humans, we provide stories to replace the unknown.
Stories which help us sleep at night.
Stories, turned into beliefs, into religions.

Years ago we wondered, what is it which makes our planet orbit the big yellow light in the sky? Years ago the answer would have been the father figure we have started calling ‘God’.
Now we know.
We can replace ‘God’ with gravity.
Isn’t ‘God’ placed anywhere where you cannot find the answers?
The big answer to the big unknown.
Until we find the answers, I like ‘God’.
He helps me feel less bewildered about how little we know about anything.

My part you ask? I want to reach further into the unknown.
Science, be it down to the molecular level, or at the largest supergiant star in the skies.
Science is where the answers lie.
There is so much we don’t know; and we really need to.
Remember that stories are simply just that, stories.

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP. Wake up and see the big picture.
Your life will come and go.
Learn to think about yourself as an individual in one human race.
How can an individual really make a difference in his life?
Help our race, don’t help yourself.
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Love it! Go Muskan :D
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