My Glacier

By: Alex
Competition Year: 2013
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my Glacier shed the first melting tears
retreating his blue tongue
caressing the crevasses
carving the nye channels
branching out to reach an every nerve
of my complicated stone cold body

his blue tongue is no longer
gently touching the back of my lee-sloped teeth

my Glacier has just revealed his bare anatomy
a very rough, ragged layer
what used to be hidden under pressure
is now a surface exposure

so I can see
catastrophic erosion he made over years:
dead souls trapped in his greedy pothole
lost erratics forced to migrate out of their homes
my attempted, but never accomplished
record-breaking altitudes
(his buzzsaw cut the highest hopes)

thought we were in a perfect mass balance
I invited you to inhabit my valleys
I liked the way you ran through my curves so much
that I forgot you were leaving
making a drumlin, pingo, fjord, kame out of me

you must admit
since they look as awkward as they sound
I became an egg-shaped, asymmetrical, elongated form
I used to be graceful, breathtaking, challenging
when people admired both of us
they kept discovering new meaning of life

now I am “a” form.

without you, my dear Glacier,
without you covering me
I see the sun for the first time
I started global warming up
to prepare for the climate changing my mind
about “a” form I had refused to become

the Everest of my-self
is what I embrace
thanks to my Glacier
I am more than “a” form
I am “the” place
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