My Father

By: Asmar (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2018
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Born and raised in the eastern sands.
A self taught engineer bringing forth magic with his bare hands.
A young child I was, watched and revered the art of the thinking man.

The sky was close as I watched the old man;
Twisting and turning the cables of what once was a breathing machine.
Bringing life back to a forgotten scrap of steel;
It was evident that heaven was now and here

The scent of a copper rose and a rusty leaf,
Takes me back to a place I call home.
Surrounded by heaps of damaged engines,
But it brought no grief;
For damaged goods bring out the alchemy of the evolved man.

The sight of an accomplished being,
That spoke a few words,
But his existence vibrant as the stars.
Propelled me towards a universe of “I don’t know”,
With the fearless keen eyes of a newborn child.
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