By: Matthew Petinaud (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2018
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Insignificant is what we are
Just Orbiting an average star,
But our small blue homely speck
Is slowly shifting to a wreck.

Insignificance is what we preach
When we see a littered beach,
Or when we see a ripped-out wood
Or when we see our home towns flood.

Insignificance is what we think
But if we could only make the link,
To what we burn, and what we form
And how it makes the planet warm.

Insignificance is what we say,
When we are asked to change our ways
But just one small change in what we do,
Could help us keep our seas so blue.

Then significance is what we’d gain
In controlling warmth, controlling rain,
And significant your choices are
And all small changes will go far.

So whilst insignificant in the face
To the might of time, to the might of space,
Each one of us has a special role,
Or our small blue home, will take full toll.
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